Ruby on Rails websites

You're in good hands...

Ruby on Rails is behind some of the most popular websites out there, AirBnB and Github being just a couple.

Rails is a web framework, allowing for rapid web app development. It caters for the frontend and backend of a web app build, and is therefore commonly known as a full-stack framework.

You're in control with Rails, every step of the way.

If you're ever feeling out of control with your WordPress website, or if you've gone one WordPress plugin too far and broken something, then a Ruby on Rails replacement is the way forward.

Pricing for web development varies depending on the complexity of the project.
A couple of pages, some images and a contact form, all with Boostrap styling and some JavaScript would be around 500€.
However, once we delve into the world of content management and databases, the complexity increases, and so does the price. 3000€ is the average price of a website where the client would expect to be able to make changes to their content, such as a Real Estate website.